Are you tired of feeling like big oil companies and the high prices at the pump are holding you over a barrel? Tired of hearing that the big oil companies say that the high prices are do to high refinery costs, or repair of oil rigs damaged in storms, while in the same breath they tell us that they have had record profits quarter after quarter, year after year?

Are you sick of seeing every product you buy become unaffordable due to the rising prices at the pump? Tired of not being able to buy enough food for your family due to the rising costs of the food prices that are going up because of increased cost of gas which effects the shipping costs, a cost that is passed on to us the consumer. Tired of seeing the prices on all products being raised to meet the increasing price of gas while not receiving increased salaries to offset those rising costs?

Do you feel helpless? Feel like there is nothing you can do? Feel like our government is letting us down on this issue? Well you are right. They have and you can’t. You can’t do it alone anyway. But take heart. You are not alone. United we can do something to bring around change. If we can all come together and unite to fight against terrorism or join forces to help those in need when disaster strikes, than we should certainly be able to unite in controlling our gas prices. We are nations of can do people. Aren't we?

So what can we do? We can boycott. True we can’t do without gas. Sure we want to travel on our holidays and will need to fill up. So an all out boycott on gas is really unrealistic. However we do not need an all out boycott on gas to send big oil companies a message that they will understand. Instead of an all out boycott on gas use we should boycott one company at a time for a month at a time.

A boycott of one company for a month at a time will send that company a serious message if we all unite in this effort. The boycott should include all services provided by that company. No purchases of gas, lottery tickets, beverages, snacks, etc… Buy nothing from their companies. And when going elsewhere to make your purchases try not to go to the other big companies that will be boycotted in upcoming months. Instead go to the little guy, the mini marts and small stations about the country. They will appreciate your patronage.

We should start our boycott of big oil beginning July. Let us Yanks commemorate our ndependence day by letting big oil know that we are not going to allow them to hold us over a barrel any longer. And help our Canuck neighbors fight the good fight. There are schedules below to aid us in the boycott. Helping us to target one company and their subsidiaries at a time. This way we can be united in targeting one company at a time in order to make the greatest effect. The schedule starts the boycott in July with Exxon-Mobile, for the U.S., as they have reported some of the largest growth at our expense over the past couple of years and we need to start somewhere. In Canada begin with Petro Canada.

If big oil chooses to heed the warning of a untied boycott and brings their prices back down to a reasonable level this blog will be revised or removed.

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Monday, June 4, 2007

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Gas Prices: Join together in bringing down gas prices

Dont let them have thier way with us anymore. It is time for them to work for us for a change. Over the years they have eliminated the service from the service station and raised the prices along the way. No more. Enough is enough. It is time to turn the table and put them over a barrel for a change.

United we can bring about change in gas prices. Join together and support a boycott of big oil companies. If they start loosing profits they will have to do something to satisfy its customers. It is great that they are looking after their investors but they have a greater responsiblity to it's consumers that are as dependent upon gas in order to move forward in the development of civilization, as an indiviual is upon air and water to live.

Pass the word.. Boycott Big Oil.. One Company at a time.. One month at a time..

July boycott Exxon-Mobil
Aug boycott Shell Oil
Sept boycott Texaco-Cheveron